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Anything and everything, from drawings of rabbits with guns for hands, to Yu-Gi-Oh playmats.



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I'm YamiMario! You may or may not know from various places of the internet. Youtube, Youchew, Tumblr, NeoArkCradle, and here. I get around.

I like drawing, video editing, acting, and game design. As for favourite franchises, I love Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sonic, but I love video games and cartoons (both western and Japanese) in general.

Skype/Steam: YamiMario
Tumblr: (Art blog: )
:iconbadluckcrow: tagged me again!
Time to spill more of my deep, dark secrets, previously only hidden in the deepest parts of my subconci-- Erm, subcon... subconsi--, argh, the back of my head!

Here are the rules:

One. You must post these rules. (Ha, you can't make m-- oh wait)

Two. Each person has to share ten facts about themselves. (Uh oh.)

Three. Answer the ten questions from the person who tagged you and make up ten questions for the ten people you tag. (Maybe.)

Four. Choose ten people and include them in your journal. (I don't even KNOW that many kids of people!)

Five. Go to their page and inform that they have been tagged by you. (I really hate bugging people, though...)

Six. Not like "You are tagged if you read this". (You could've included this in the previous rule, you know...)

Seven. You have to legitimately tag ten people. (THIS TOO. YOU WASTED 3 PERFECTLY GOOD LINES OF DATA ON THE INTERNET. GOOD JOB.)

Eight. No tag backs. ('Tag back' sounds like something from the 90s.)

Nine. You can not say that you do not do tags. (Oooooooh, I think you might get mad...)

Ten. You MUST make a journal (Well, you're reading it right now!)

1. What is your pet peeve?
Wha-whuh...? 'Pet peeve'? Lemme' look this up...

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find it.

Oh. Okay, thanks, Wikipedia! Why not just call it a "annoyance", though? Dang English and their... Not... Using the normal words for things.
Hmm, nothing really springs to mind immediately... Oh, wait!

It's REALLY annoying whenever I see news with titles along the lines of "Nintendo is doomed WiiU has low sales ooooh nooooo", and especially when sites and their articles try and give advice to them that doesn't even make sense. "Stop making WiiU"? "Become a third-party"? I agree that Nintendo should invest in smartphone/tablet apps, it'd be a perfect fit for Virtual Console games, but then say some sites say "imagine if you could pay a bit extra to make Mario jump higher!!!11". what????? REALLY????

The WiiU isn't doing well, but it's not due to it being a bad system, it's because of the awkward marketing. Bah. Ya'll need to put yer pants back on, Nintendo is still sitting on like, a gazillion dollars.

2. What is a movie/anime/t.v. franchise you hate but everyone else loves AND...
I haven't really seen anything recently I really hated?I dislike how ZeXal turned out in the end, but it's not something that everybody loves and very few people seem to pay attention to, so...

Oh, wait, forgot, yeah, I didn't like Wreck It-Ralph much, it just seems like a ton of wasted potential. The beginning of the movie was really promising, but the moment Vanellope appears, she just absoooooorbs the rest of the movie. What, you thought this movie was about Ralph, the titular character, and him being a hero? Pfft, please! It was hyped up way too much, and I feel it could've been much better. If they were gonna' focus on Sugar Rush so much to begin with, they should've called the movie Sugar Rush!

...Wai-what's that? The movie is called Sugar Rush in Japan? Yeh. Human Donkey Kong probably isn't as marketable over there as Vanellope.

3. What is a movie/anime/t.v.franchise you love but everyone else hates?
I could be cliche'd and say 5D's, but I think everyone knows that at this point. Yeah. 5D's is lovely. "Card games on motorcycles?!?!" Well, yeah, apparently rad-ness is illegal now.
(you monster!!!1)

But, nah. I guess I'm just gonna' say something I don't see a whole lot of people talk about, and I'mma say Steven Universe! Out of all the recent Cartoon Network hits, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball and so on, this is my favourite. I love the characters, I love how it looks, I love the mix between being really relaxed and being action, I ADORE the music, so on and so forth.

It's really fun to watch, and you should check it out if you haven't already!

4. Who's a character you can't stand at all?
Everyone in Bayformers.

5. What's a guilty pleasure of yours?
Practically the entire internet.

6. Who's your favorite Digimon?
Now, everyone knows this. In fact, you probably just asked this so you could reconfirm it. But, I ASSURE you, my answer has not changed.
:icongargomon: <- GARGOMON! Seriously, he probably has my favourite character design like, ever. Giant rabbit? GUNS for hands? BLUE PANTS?! Well, slap a banana on the fridge and call me the head of Sonic Team, I think we have a winner!

7. Is there a show/movie that you haven't seen that you wish to see one day?
Me and :iconfiddlelid: watched a whole bunch of random 90's cartoon intros recently.
...I really want to watch Inhumanoids and Bucky O' Hare.

8. Is there a show/movie that you haven't seen but you're kinda of sick of everyone telling you to see?
Not that I'm against it, but Cardfight!! Vanguard seems pretty stale to me.

9. Who're your favorite artists on DA?
Oh, I get to mention a whole buncha' cool people, goodie!
:icontarmie: (seriously big sis you've gotten SO GOOD)

10. Does my butt look big in this?
Your butt looks big no matter WHAT you wear. I think should go get a new butt, I hear they're having a clearance sale at Ikea!
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Happy birthday, Yami!!
Happeh birfday! :iconegoraptorplz:
Ha-Racz Jan 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thank you so much for the watch!
TheYamiMario Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, I love your style! :D
Thank you for the watch!
TheYamiMario Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, your art is awesome! It's cool to see artists giving the TCG some love~
Juledrops Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya! Thanks for the watch! C:
TheYamiMario Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem~! I really like your style.
Juledrops Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I appreciate it, my friend! that's very kind of you to say! C:
TheYamiMario Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, no problem! :D
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